Investment Strategy

Signature Realty Advisors has distinguished itself in the industry through a fundamental, yet effective investment strategy focused on:

Building Value: SRA invests in real estate with an eye towards long-term, sustainable value. In order to create and sustain value, we acquire properties in high barrier-to-entry markets with a significant cost basis advantage. This strategy includes identifying properties with strong consumer demand, developing with local partners who enjoy highly efficient cost structures and strong local knowledge, and utilizing industry relationships to secure the best available financing and tenant base.

Comprehensive Due Diligence: Real estate transactions require experienced, analytical and rigorous investigation into the costs and benefits of a property before purchasing and repositioning. Never one to jump into a deal too quickly, Signature Realty Advisors thoroughly vets each and every project in which it participates to ensure the project merits substantial investment of money and time.

Diversification: With the acquisition of retail, medical office, student housing, and multifamily properties throughout the Mid-Atlantic states, SRA has diversified its real estate holdings across a broad spectrum of property types in order to mitigate exposure to macro trends that may negatively impact entire property segments.